Ela Township Group

Barrington Area  and Lake Zurich  Pageants

If you live in or go to school in the Barrington Areas (North, Port, Lake) or Lake Zurich  (Lake Zurich or surrounding areas in Ela Township) you would compete in these pageants.  
Congratulations to our 2019 & 2020 queens!
Miss Lake Zurich - Caylie 
Teen Miss Lake Zurich - Isabella 
Junior Miss Lake Zurich - Alexis
Little Miss Lake Zurich - Meagan 
Miss Barrington Area- Jasmine
Teen Miss Barrington Area- Charlotte
Junior Miss Barrington Area- Rianna
Little Miss Barrington Area- Amber
2019 Queen
Junior Miss Barrington Area- Auden
2018 Queens  
Miss Barrington Area - Rebecca (16-22 years)
Teen Miss Barrington -  Jasmine (13-15 years)
Little Miss Lake Zurich- Amaya (6-9 years)
Contestants compete in private interview with the judges, on stage speech in day wear and "pop" question in formalwear and compete at the Lake County Community Pageant in November.  
Applications will be available for the 2021 Queens soon!
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LCCP - LCSP - Lake Zurich.jpg
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Teen Miss Lake Zurich 2017- Jaiden J.

Junior Miss Lake Zurich 2017 - Beth K.

Teen Miss Barrington Area 2017 - Rebecca K.

Little Miss Barrington Area - Rianna U.

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