About Us

Jodi Greissinger and Kelli Lichtenberger are sisters, and have been involved in pageants since the mid 1980's.  First as contestants, queens, judges, mothers of contestants and as directors.  We have seen first hand all aspects of pageantry.  We have seen the wonderful things being involved in a pageant program can do.  It is our goal to take all the good they provide, while leaving all the stereotypical drama associated with some pageants behind.  We are in this 100% of the young women of Lake County.

Jodi is a happily married mother of three.  She holds a master's degree in teaching and is a public school teacher.  She enjoys traveling with her family and attending her children's activities in sports, music and dance.  She is a former local, state and national winner, including a former Miss Lake County Fair Queen from Mundelein.  

Kelli is also married with three children.  She is the owner and director of Elite Dance Company in Mundelein.  She is very involved with her children's dance, karate and music activities.  Kelli's daughter is a former Little Miss Lake County of Wauconda.

Both Jodi and Kelli have wanted to host a village pageant to continue the traditions of local queens in Lake County.  We initially decided to host three village pageants, but as word got out, it snowballed into ten!  We are excited to take on this roll and have enjoyed the support of our family and friends while taking on such a a large task.  In the summer of 2016, we hosted and crowned our first Volo, Fox Lake, Lake Zurich, Island Lake and Ingleside Queens. Since 2016 we have added Avon Township, Barrington Area,  Waukegan and Lakemoor. 

Below- Jodi (left) and Kelli (right)

We decided to develop a partnership with the directors of the Lake County Community Pageant, which has a long standing history of selecting queens from the same values we hold high.  We believe every girl is beautiful no matter what they look like on the outside.  True beauty lies within.  We therefore do not score our contestant on facial beauty, physical fitness or expensive clothing.  Instead our score sheets ask the judge about the girls confidence, speaking ability, passion for service and goodwill.  Can she think on her feet in an interview or on stage question?  Does she walk with her head held high and full of confidence.  Does she appear to have leadership skills.  Is she friendly and enjoyable to talk to?  These are the qualities we search for.

Below -Jodi and Kelli's daughters along with their Grandmother, who was also a Miss Fox Lake!